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East County Insurance Agency, Inc.

East County Insurance Agency, Inc. is located in Antioch, CA and Brentwood, CA. It serves a majority of Contra Costa County. It provides all types of insurance for both commercial and personal lines of business and represents many fine insurance companies.

The agency was started back in 1985 as John Slatten Insurance after its founder and owner, John Slatten. As the agency grew, so did the need for its own identity. In 1992, the agency name was changed to East County Insurance Agency, Inc. and has since took on a life of its own. The agency has over 40 years of experience dealing with the insurance market and continues to grow rapidly. In 2005, the agency opened a second location in Brentwood, CA.

Unlike other agencies, all aspects of an insurance policy are handled in the local office at East County. We are committed to customer service!

Code Of Ethics
Independent Insurance Agents of America
We believe in the value and importance of the insurance business and its future, and that the Independent Insurance Agent plays a critical role in serving consumers throughout the insurance process.

We support the Independent Agency System, which has developed insurance to be a fundamental component in the economic fabric of our nation, and we pledge to support the right principles and oppose bad practices in the insurance business.

We respect the importance of the relationship between Independent Insurance Agents and the public, insurance companies, and other Independent Insurance Agents, and believe that the rights of the client are paramount.
To The Public

We believe that serving the public as an Independent Insurance Agent is an honorable occupation, affording us a special opportunity to serve society and offer valuable insurance products and services to the public.

We believe that as an Independent Insurance Agent, we are serving the interests of our clients by responding to their expressed insurance needs.

We will strive to further the public’s understanding of insurance, endeavor to promote safety and loss control in our community, and strive to participate in civic and philanthropic activities that contribute to our community.
To The Insurance Companies We Represent

We will respect the authority vested in us by the insurance companies we represent, and work to maintain open lines of communication with them.
To Other Indepentent Insurance Agents

We will strive to maintain positive relations with other insurance agencies in our community, competing with them on an honorable and fair basis.

We will follow all insurance laws relative to the conduct of our business.

We will work with other Independent Insurance Agents for the betterment of the Insurance business, and endeavor to elevate the standards of my occupation by following this Code of Ethics and encouraging other Independent Insurance Agents to do likewise.